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Spectator Code Of Conduct

Please look out for our new Spectator Code of Conduct which will be around the main parts of the ground from this coming weekend

We ask all our spectators to read and adhere to the Code of Conduct whilst supporting all of our teams in a positive manner

Code Of Conduct

Whilst we fully appreciate the fantastic support we receive, we would like to remind our spectators that their behavior is key to our success on and off the field of play so with this in mind we’d like to remind everyone:


  • Show respect for umpires and opposition players

  • Encourage

  • Be courteous to all

  • Applaud good play

  • Verbally support in a positive way

  • Remember that there are children at the ground


  • Verbally abuse umpires and opposition players

  • Use bad / offensive language

  • Threaten or intimidate

  • Become involved in physical aggression

  • Do anything which is likely to offend by way of insult, humiliation or discrimination

The NWCL have adopted & use the 2023 General Conduct Regulations which includes the following section stating that it is the Clubs responsibility for disorderly behavior by their members & spectators:

Clubs shall also be held responsible for disorderly behavior at any part of the cricket ground on any match day by their members and spectators, unless they can show that:

  • they took adequate steps to ensure that their members and spectators behaved in an orderly fashion; and/or

  • they did not or could not control entry to that part of the cricket ground by the relevant spectators and it would therefore not be fair for them to be held responsible.

The list below although not exhaustive are the available punishments that could be used by a disciplinary panel:

  • Caution or reprimand

  • Letter of apology

  • Fine of no more than £500

  • Deduction of a Club’s league points

  • Expulsion of a Club from a League or competition

  • Relegation to a lower division of a League

We thank you for your co-operation in this matter to make The Applegarth a welcoming place for all players, officials and spectators

A copy of the policy can be found in the club documents section of the website

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