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Match Ball Sponsorship

With the cricket season on the horizon we’d like to thank everyone who has already agreed to sponsor a match ball during the season

We still have some matches available to sponsor (details below) and we’d like to get them filled before the season starts to ensure the 1st and 2nd teams have a new ball for each match so we are looking to any local businesses and our fabulous members and supporters to see if anyone would like to sponsor a Match Ball

It’s such an easy and popular way to support the club, in your name or in memory of a supporter

The cost is £35 per ball or 2 for £60 and we display the name of all our ball sponsors on social media in the week leading up to the match plus you also get 2 free drinks at the bar

Just comment below or inbox us if your interested and we’ll do the rest 👍🏻

Many thanks in advance and we look forward to seeing you all at the club very soon 💪🏏☀️🍺🍷

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